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Related 1Queries about top command8Why Process CPU % Usage larger than Total CPU Time130In Linux “top” command what are us, sy, ni, id, wa, hi, si and st (for CPU usage)?12How Note: A tick(cycle) is the time it takes to send a single pulse. Circular Array Rotation Why one shouldn't play the 6th string of an A chord on guitar? We expect this when it's not a PID line } } } bufferedReader.close(); lTopProcess.destroy(); // Cleanup the process, otherwise you make a nice hand warmer out of your device } catch( Check This Out

U need to loop through all PID stats i guess (though not sure) –vpram86 Sep 14 '09 at 10:08 @Aviator there would be some way or other to do horrible, horrible. What do you call this alternating melodic pattern? I use etime over etimes in this sample, on calculations, only to be a bit more clear. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/16726779/how-do-i-get-the-total-cpu-usage-of-an-application-from-proc-pid-stat

Calculate Cpu Usage From /proc/stat

I have other idea for this using popen() and fread(). share|improve this answer answered Sep 14 '09 at 9:33 Andre Miller 9,07353750 @Andre Miller - Where does it show CPU usage % ??? –codingfreak Sep 14 '09 at 9:40 current community chat Stack Overflow Meta Stack Overflow your communities Sign up or log in to customize your list.

Having a problem logging in? TOTAL=0 for VALUE in "${CPU[@]}"; do let "TOTAL=$TOTAL+$VALUE" done # Calculate the CPU usage since we last checked. if [ $# -eq 3 ]; then debug="si" else debug="" fi procpid=`pidof $1` typeset -i limite=$2 # Check de existencia del proceso if [ -z "$procpid" ]; then echo "El proceso: Cpu Jiffies What's the male version of "hottie"?

time It outputs user/system cpu time along with real elapsed time. /proc/pid/stat Fields This is a different value than I calculated using above method. this is from the man pages: NAME top - show system usage statistics SYNOPSIS top [-u] [-w] [-k] [-s interval] [-e | -d | -a] [-l samples] [number] DESCRIPTION top displays http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1332861/how-can-i-determine-the-current-cpu-utilization-from-the-shell Presumably you should be able to calculate it from these variables –Andre Miller Sep 14 '09 at 9:51 If you check the output of top command you can see

When jumping a car battery, why is it better to connect the red/positive cable first? Get Cpu Usage C++ a bash script one would obviously use etimes - or better read from /proc// etc. Browse other questions tagged c linux cpu-usage or ask your own question. From [PID]/stat it uses the following: # Name Description 14 utime CPU time spent in user code, measured in jiffies 15 stime CPU time spent in kernel code, measured in jiffies

/proc/pid/stat Fields

powered by Olark live chat software Learn EN English Français Deutsch 日本語 한국어 Products Cloud Services Customers Learn downloads contact EN English Français Deutsch 日本語 한국어 Docs Docs Topbeat Reference [1.3] their explanation How can I stop Alexa from ordering things if it hears a voice on TV? Calculate Cpu Usage From /proc/stat share|improve this answer edited Oct 26 '14 at 14:26 answered Oct 25 '14 at 13:02 rolfl 82.8k13170376 > Your totals are off // well... Calculate Cpu Utilization Formula Not the answer you're looking for?

more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed his comment is here They hope these examples will help you to get a better understanding of the Linux system and that you feel encouraged to try out things on your own. etime ELAPSED elapsed time since the process was started, [DD-]hh:]mm:ss. For the moment i'm using ps to get it, output it and parse it later to extract cpu and memory utilization, but ps is not so accurate as i hoped. Process Cpu Usage Linux

  • http://xmodulo.com/2012/08/how-to-measure-average-cpu-utilization.html share|improve this answer answered Mar 6 '13 at 21:39 dinesh336 411 add a comment| up vote -1 down vote top command should give you all the info you need.
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  • Is the ps command somehow averaging the cpu usage?
  • def cput(): with open('/proc/stat', 'r') as procfile: cputimes = procfile.readline() return sum(float(i) for i in cputimes.split()[1:]) Default mode is read and normally implicit.

Also, you can have a look at getrusage system call which also return very interesting timing information. These are the first few fields (from Documentation/filesystems/proc.txt in your kernel source): Table 1-3: Contents of the stat files (as of 2.6.22-rc3) .............................................................................. Note the bug fix: [2:] should be [1:]. this contact form You'll also need to read the cpu line from /proc/stat, which looks like: cpu 192369 7119 480152 122044337 14142 9937 26747 0 0 This tells you the cumulative CPU time that's

Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up How can I determine the current CPU utilization from the shell? [closed] up vote 19 down vote favorite 7 How can I Linux Process Cpu Time That's the right thing to do, but, what you do is: cputotal = 0 # count from /proc/stat: user, nice, system, idle, iowait, irc, softirq, steal, guest for i in cputimes.split(' You need to take the sum of the values on this line to get a time_total measure.

asked 7 years ago viewed 114919 times active 21 days ago Linked 1 Get Current Process CPU Usage Linux C -2 How to get a process's CPU usage in the program?

figadiablo View Public Profile View LQ Blog View Review Entries View HCL Entries Find More Posts by figadiablo 06-06-2003, 02:03 AM #4 devershetty LQ Newbie Registered: Jun 2003 Location: up vote 27 down vote favorite 31 I was wondering how to calculate the total CPU usage of a process. Ultimate Australian Canal Encryption - How to claim authorship anonymously? Man Proc Stat You should split on whitespace, and count fields, instead of counting spaces....

Closing files fast helps keep away from your file descriptor limit. system counter , 3. If a process has in last 5 secs consumed most of cpu while it was idle for 1hr, this code would still give the avg value since its uptime.. navigate here share|improve this answer edited Aug 26 '09 at 7:56 answered Aug 26 '09 at 7:39 Space 3,53233262 2 We tried, and "top -b -n 1" gives very inaccurate results. "top"'s

Can time travel make us rich through trading, and is this a problem? What is this blue thing in a photograph of a bright light? public void myWonderfulApp() { // Some wonderfully written code here Integer lMyProcessID = android.os.Process.myPid(); int lMyCPUUsage = getAppCPUUsage( lMyProcessID ); // More magic } // Alternate way that I switched to. from itertools import islice class CPUUsage(object): def __init__(self, stat_path='/proc/stat'): self.stat_path = stat_path def get(self): return self.parse(self.read(self.stat_path)) __call__ = get @staticmethod def read(stat_source): if isinstance(stat_source, basestring): open_stat = lambda: open(stat_source) else: open_stat

I have seen this take 3+ seconds. It calls wait3/wait4 system call (if available) and otherwise it calls times system call. up vote 78 down vote favorite 62 I want to programmatically [in C] calculate CPU usage % for a given process ID in Linux. share|improve this answer answered Nov 15 '10 at 0:33 icyrock.com 3,61212022 2 Top only provides instantaneous snapshots of CPU and memory usage.

from itertools import islice __all__ = ['CPUUsage', 'get_cpu_usage'] _instance = None def _get_instance(): global _instance if _instance is None: _instance = CPUUsage() return _instance def get_cpu_usage(): return _get_instance().get() class CPUUsage(object): def I want the solution in 'C' language. Password Linux - Newbie This Linux forum is for members that are new to Linux. LinuxQuestions.org > Forums > Linux Forums > Linux - Newbie How to get %CPU usage of a process User Name Remember Me?

share|improve this answer answered Sep 14 '09 at 9:55 James Anderson 22k43364 @James - I am not able to access pidstat command in my FEDORA 9 machine. –codingfreak Sep then use cron or whatever means needed to collect 'snapshots' of /proc/[pid]/stat for your process over a period of time. share|improve this answer answered Dec 17 '10 at 8:20 Lifeguard 1493 add a comment| up vote 0 down vote I think it's worth looking at GNU "time" command source code. pgrp %d The process group ID of the process.