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A comparison: Task Working Set Memory Commit Size ======== ================== ============ Firefox 181180K 170192K wcgrid_faah 75456K 125604K VBoxHeadless 73672K 90444K VBoxSVC 17324K 10304K I suspended the WCG tasks to see what i have oracle assigned 2 cores and 2.5gigs of ram. host Oracle Linux 6.3 guest CentOS 6.3 Johny 18 January, 2013 at 7:27 am | Permalink Wow, seems to be working actually, i was using Microsoft Expression Web Virtual Box 4.2.4 However, I had to suffer from a 2 low threshold setting (as I thought it was) as well. 85° and my Laptop would power off. navigate here

If I do, I will post here and let you know. What I noticed was that my CPU usage went through the roof (constantly at 100%) even if the guest was completely idle. Thank you. so i disabled the hibernate here and vb opened just fine. https://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=50342

Vboxsvc Auto-shutdown

I've broken my new MacBook Pro (with touchbar) like this, do I have to repair it? It is interesting in two regards. Previously this didn't solve the problem (maybe because I didn't reboot the guest?). CM10664.sys File version (c) 2007 Signed by Microsoft.

Neither. In Boinc, can you look in the "Show VM Console" window. And, you know, this hack with audio-player works! =) I use WinXP(SP3) and player AIMP(v2.51 build 330) - VirtualBox-GUI started only if my audio-player is turned off. Vboxheadless Install the Virtualbox Guest Additions for your guest operating system as these will use drivers that better support the virtual environment.

The BOIC website (http://boinc.berkeley.edu/download.php) said VBOX was version 4.3.12. Vboxxpcomipcd I can't say it solved my CPU problem completely like for others here, but it def helped a lot! comment:18 Changed 5 years ago by krofdrakula I can confirm this bug still exists in 4.1.4. https://www.virtualbox.org/ticket/2274 I have to say though that I've never seen anything similar on my system with recent versions, I can only speculate that something in your guest is broken and making the

Does this mean that while BOINC is running one WU, XBOX is contacting VHLC and running many more? Helo Jay, in one day 250.000.000 page faults on one PC for VboxSVC.exe. I've certainly seen this (and various other issues) when there's been a mismatch between guest additions version and the version of the VB host, which is why I mentioned it earlier. grega commented Mar 5, 2015 I can echo @burriko's comment - I've had exactly the same lag whilst working in Sublime and it's definitely attributable to Vagrant Manager's refresh (6 VMs


I guess the description was explanatory, but if it wasn't clear, i can do a screencast and attach here if you think it'll be better, ok? however, is VB is closed, and i open winamp "AND" hit the "play" button and the music starts playing, Vboxsvc goes to 50% cpu usage and the GUI of VB doesn't Vboxsvc Auto-shutdown Using VirtualBox 4.1.8 on Windows 7 64 bit. Virtualbox High Cpu Usage Windows 7 Guest comment:8 Changed 7 years ago by klor Hanged means, I can not restore Virtualbox.exe and guest window from minimized state.

I have one cpu enabled out of 2. http://qaisoftware.com/cpu-usage/see-mac-cpu-usage.html I've got 2.6.32-21-generic. Total memory: 2.0 GB Total swap: 6141 MBytes My Operating System Information: Kubuntu OS version: 11.04 Kernel version: 2.6.38-8-generic Kernel arch: i686 Default shell: /bin/bash My Virtual Box Settings: OS Type: CPU 2 level 2 cache size: 1024K Unified cache. Virtualbox High Cpu Usage Guest Idle

The same bug happens in VirtualBox v3.1.2. Host: Win7_x64 4GB ram VirtualBox 4.1.1 Guest: Fedora 15 PAE i686 CPU usage dropped from ~25% -> ~5% I tried many things before, like: -divider=10 (kernel) -Disable X window -set cpu Turner 22 October, 2011 at 4:10 pm | Permalink Hi. his comment is here Jay PS The Bulletin Board Code for 'code' is not converting to fixed spacing.??ID: 18088 · Rating: 0 · rate: / Reply Quote MaeaxSendmessage Joined: 30 Jan 12Posts: 277Credit: 7,450,008RAC: 86

mydoghaswormsJune 3rd, 2010, 03:59 PMWell, that's the odd thing: In my XP VM, there is no abnormal memory usage. But like I said: (oddly enough) I simply created a new VM with my old vopy of the same VDI, and that is running fine. Home About Archives Contact Shantanu vs The World /couchNerd /serialOutrager /puts2In42 /makesPigsFly Code Mobile Tinker Stuff You are here: Home ∼ 2009 ∼ July ∼ 07 ∼ VirtualBox High CPU Usage

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For me, it was continuously around 95-100% before this. No luck. It took 15 seconds :-) jrose999June 8th, 2010, 03:42 AMI had a question my main os is lucid 10.4. 8gig of ddr3 quadcore i5 2.67ghz and a nvidia 250gtx. comment:2 Changed 4 years ago by TuXator I had similar issues.

I have ubuntu 10.10 64bits. [email protected]:~$ VBoxManage list hostinfo Sun VirtualBox Command Line Management Interface Version 3.1.6 (C) 2005-2010 Sun Microsystems, Inc. after an hour, the two vbox tasks (WINDOWS) are showing onLy 2 or 3 % cpu utilization. http://qaisoftware.com/cpu-usage/cpu-usage-52.html This would explain the low CPU.

Movie about a girl who had another different life when she dreamed What does Joker “with TM” mean in the Deck of Many Things? I can recover from any XP problem in a couple of minutes (or less) no matter how badly it breaks and the only maintenance needed is weeding out some of the Rohit 8 July, 2013 at 12:15 pm | Permalink Its only working trick to decrease virtualbox high cpu uses. Tonight I'll try again with DebugView & ProcMon /ProcExpr open (The SystemInternal monitoring stuffs) open, if the issue occurs again I can attach a debugger to VBOXSVC.exe to see which thread

The CPU utilization was even decent when I had a search crawl running. The Vista box did not have the VBOX stall. Comments are closed. ← Previous Next → Tagsandroid apps Apple Asus WL-500W blog Code google Hack iPhone Linux Microsoft Mobile Projects PS3 security ubuntu windows Windows Mobile WM6 wordpress WordPress PluginBlogrollCareerPlot When testing Vista, I completed all WU; uninstalled BOINC and deleted all boinc entries from the registry (except firewall).

Still page faults.. TheFuJune 15th, 2010, 03:58 AMI'm seeing my x64 Ubuntu 10.04 host get REALLY, REALLY busy (appears to lock up) after a few days running a low utilization WinXP x32 vbox client.