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This is what I was looking for (as always, it was obvious :) ), thanks. I prefer raise SystemExit. Check Ned's article for more details: nedbatchelder.com/text/exceptions-vs-status.html –Nadia Alramli Oct 27 '09 at 14:33 @nadia: I believe you are probably mistaking return value with exception. This is probably easier than doing it explicitly in a separate print statement, plus it has the advantage that if you want to catch the exit for any reason you also this content

Look for linux exit codes to see some material on this. And one can use: sys.exit('I need arguments!') Thus it would seem that sys.exit is higher level, and probably a bit more stable and portable. -- George Jul 18 '05 #8 P: But it is very important to look at the library for guidance to be consistent. After 45 minutes of searching Google, this was the one that helped! :)ReplyDeleteAdd commentLoad more...

Python Script Return Value To Shell

asked 8 years ago viewed 177466 times active 7 months ago Get the weekly newsletter! how do you ensure that all methods using require_non_empty_list have been properly re-documented? What does this mean? I don't really understand why _exit is in the os module while exit is in the sys module; I have grown accostumed to raising SystemExit, but I can de-grow it again

Also you can combine the print into the call to sys.exit and save a line: import sys def main(args): if len(args) < 2: sys.exit("I need arguments!") print "rest of program..." if What do you call this alternating melodic pattern? This is what I was looking for (as always, it was obvious :) ), thanks. Python Exit Code 2 On Windows, sys.maxint is 2147483647 (even for 64-bit Windows), so 2**63 is a Python long.

Is there something more elegant? (I tried return but it is valid only in a function) More elegant might be to put your code in a function which would let you Consider the following usages of your function: intersect_two_lists(None, None) intersect_two_lists([], ()) intersect_two_lists('12', '23') intersect_two_lists([1, 2], {1: 'one', 2: 'two'}) intersect_two_lists(False, [1]) intersect_two_lists(None, [1]) I would expect that (5) throws an exception Are people of Nordic Nations "happier, healthier" with "a higher standard of living overall than Americans"? After all exit handlers have had a chance to run the last exception to be raised is re-raised. ''' Python 2.7.11 behaves as described; Python 3.5.2 does not.

import sys exit_codes = { ValueError:'10', KeyError:'25' } try: raise Some_Exception except Exception as exit_err: if any([isinstance(exit_err, exceptions) for exceptions in exit_codes.keys()]): exit_code = int(exit_codes[type(exit_err)]) sys.exit(exit_code) else: raise exit_err except Exception Python Get Exit Code Each of these patterns is described below. For example, if not isinstance(other, BaseSet): return NotImplemented return self.union(other) This will either return a constant (NotImplemented) or the union of the two sets. Also some of your defined exceptions might be subclasses of other exceptions, and in that case you would want defined order for codes in those case, thus we get something like:

Python Exception Exit Code

So it is probably not unheard of in the Windows world to use errors codes like 1000,1001,..1024,.. msg273848 - (view) Author: Martin Panter (martin.panter) * Date: 2016-08-29 01:54 Here is a relevant Posix bug thread: http://austingroupbugs.net/view.php?id=947 As well as Windows, apparently Solaris, OS X, and a recent version Python Script Return Value To Shell Zero usually means "everything went fine". Python Exit With Error Message Detect MS Windows Preserving Vertices Ultimate Australian Canal What does Joker “with TM” mean in the Deck of Many Things?

Generalization of winding number to higher dimensions How to help reduce students' anxiety in an oral exam? news The point of atexit is to allow modules to execute code in a deferred manner; the design already specifies a 'last exception wins' policy, and the problem is that we are For much more on this: Exceptions vs. How to deal with an intern's lack of basic skills? Python Sys.exit Example

Authentication Error for ABBY Ocr Sdk! Browse other questions tagged python exception exit-code or ask your own question. If you look under the hood, though, sys.exit is a little more interesting. have a peek at these guys Why didn't Dumbledore appoint the real Mad Eye Moody to teach Defense Against Dark Arts?

The example I recently came across was debugging some of my python code in Oz[2]. Python Exit Code 255 If the code xyz.py did not encounter any error, it SHOULD return 0! –Bruno von Paris Oct 15 '12 at 9:20 add a comment| up vote 45 down vote From the It is a design nightmare to use error codes.

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  2. NotImplemented is returned as a flag to Python: "For most intents and purposes, an operator that returns NotImplemented is treated the same as one that is not implemented at all".
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In this case it might be fine to just return True or False on success or failure. Why do CDs and DVDs fill up from the centre outwards? Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Here's how it works: Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the Python Error Code This is implemented by raising the SystemExit exception, so cleanup actions specified by finally clauses of try statements are honored, and it is possible to intercept the exit attempt at an

Which was the last major war in which horse mounted cavalry actually participated in active fighting? That is where you document the behavior in edge cases and the pre-conditions of the function. "intersect_two_lists(Iterable,Iterable) -> list" states that you had better be sending two iterables in. share|improve this answer edited Nov 12 '08 at 21:05 answered Nov 12 '08 at 20:48 Davide 8,99563353 add a comment| up vote 1 down vote If you would like to portably check my blog The function should always return the same type or structure.

I can easily imagine cases where the atexit function encounters a critical error and the appropriate behavior is to return an error status to the parent process. Not the answer you're looking for? share|improve this answer answered Nov 12 '08 at 20:46 Harper Shelby 14.7k23050 add a comment| up vote 1 down vote Exit codes in many programming languages are up to programmers. Hot Network Questions Why isn't the religion of R'hllor, The Lord of Light, dominant?

On the receiving end, you just have to unpack: Code, Response = some_function(...) This technique applies for the "normal" control flow: one must use the exception functionality when some unexpected inputs Personally, I usually favor raising exceptions whenever a contract is breached or I am given a value that I really cannot use. Donn Cave, do**@drizzle.com Jul 18 '05 #11 P: n/a Duncan Booth "Donn Cave" wrote in news:[email protected]: | Is sys.exit() really a good choice? NOTE: this technique applies for return values of any sort.

That means the actual flush to disk may be deferred for some time.