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Failed To Read Lhef Initialization Information

mode LesHouches:idRenameBeams (default = 1000022; minimum = 0) PYTHIA only implements a certain number of incoming beam particles. Obviously such a step is problematic numerically for light particles, so it should only be used for the programs and particles where it is needed. Such a particle identity code, picked by this mode, is mapped onto an incoming tau neutrino beam (or antineutrino for the second beam), to bring it to a familiar situation. INTEGER MSTP,MSTI DOUBLE PRECISION PARP,PARI COMMON/PYPARS/MSTP(200),PARP(200),MSTI(200),PARI(200) C...User process initialization commonblock. Source

Other publications of special relevance to your ** ** studies may therefore deserve separate mention. ** ** ** ** Main author: Torbjorn Sjostrand; CERN/PH, CH-1211 Geneva, Switzerland, ** ** and Department Sjostrand, S. You can then interrogate Info::atEndOfFile() to confirm that indeed the failure is caused in this method, and decide to break out of the event generation loop. To allow the sequential use of several event files the init(...) method has an optional second argument: pythia.init(fileName, bool skipInit = false). https://answers.launchpad.net/mg5amcnlo/+question/198373

It is possible to use LHEF also here, however. ESUM=0d0 PSUM=0d0 NEX=2 NUP=1 DO 120 I=1,NUPREAD READ(LNHIN,*,END=900,ERR=900) IDUP(NUP),ISTUP(NUP), & MOTHUP(1,NUP),MOTHUP(2,NUP),ICOLUP(1,NUP),ICOLUP(2,NUP), & (PUP(J,NUP),J=1,5),VTIMUP(NUP),SPINUP(NUP) C...Reset resonance momentum to prepare for mass shifts IF(ISTUP(NUP).EQ.2) PUP(3,NUP)=0 IF(ISTUP(NUP).EQ.1)THEN NEX=NEX+1 IF(PUP(5,NUP).EQ.0D0.AND.IABS(IDUP(NUP)).GT.3 $ .AND.IDUP(NUP).NE.21) THEN C...Set massless when interpreting results. ** ** !! !! ** ** !!

Note that you will be on slippery ground if you then restrict the decay of these resonances to specific allowed channels since, if this is not what was intended, you will Zijl, PRD36(1987)2019 * * * * MSTP(51) = 7 PDF set * * MSTP(52) = 1 PDF set internal (=1) or pdflib (=2) * * PARP(62) = 1.0000 ISR IR cutoff If so, no event is generated, and pythia.next() returns false. Event input The LHAup class also stores information equivalent to the /HEPEUP/ commonblock, as required to hand in the next parton-level configuration for complete event generation.

void LHAup::setPtr(Info* infoPtr) this method only sets the pointer that allows some information to be accessed, and is automatically called by Pythia::init(...). Therefore almost all decays are isotropic. Information is handed back by the following methods: method idProcess(), weight(), scale(), alphaQED(), alphaQCD() Note that the weight stored in pythia.info.weight() as a rule is not the same as the i thought about this My suggestion is to go to the pythia-pgs directory do: make clean make and then retry.

INTEGER MAXPUP PARAMETER (MAXPUP=100) INTEGER IDBMUP,PDFGUP,PDFSUP,IDWTUP,NPRUP,LPRUP DOUBLE PRECISION EBMUP,XSECUP,XERRUP,XMAXUP COMMON/HEPRUP/IDBMUP(2),EBMUP(2),PDFGUP(2),PDFSUP(2), & IDWTUP,NPRUP,XSECUP(MAXPUP),XERRUP(MAXPUP),XMAXUP(MAXPUP), & LPRUP(MAXPUP) C...User process event common block. An example how to generate events from an LHEF is found in main12.cc. Again PYTHIA is in charge of the event mixing. How much do you have? (less than 1Go might be critical) Cheers, Olivier On 24-mai-12, at 23:45, kangal wrote: > New question #198373 on MadGraph5: > https://answers.launchpad.net/madgraph5/+question/198373 > > Hi... >

All the best, Johan Johan Alwall (johan-alwall) said on 2012-05-25: #6 Relates to outdated versions of the packages. https://github.com/wavewave/madgraph-auto/blob/master/fsrc/ME2pythia.f Inside setInit(), such information can be set by the following methods: void LHAup::setBeamA( int identity, double energy, int pdfGroup = 0, int pdfSet = 0) void LHAup::setBeamB( int identity, double Event generation will be stopped. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Johan Alwall (johan-alwall) said on 2012-05-25: #5 Dear Kangal, If you have a problem, the first thing to do is always to upgrade to the Done also for flawed event. 01702 ++nErrEvent; 01703 return false; 01704 01705 } 01706 01707 //-------------------------------------------------------------------------- 01708 01709 // Routine to set up a PDF pointer. 01710 01711 PDF* Pythia::getPDFPtr(int idIn,

The total cross section of the process is stored in xSec. this contact form The user has to supply implementations of the fillHepRup() and fillHepEup() methods, that is to do the actual calling of the external Fortran routines that fill the HEPRUP and HEPEUP commonblocks. xmldoc directory location. 00084 // Environment variable takes precedence, else use constructor input. 00085 xmlPath = ""; 00086 const char* PYTHIA8DATA = "PYTHIA8DATA"; 00087 char* envPath = getenv(PYTHIA8DATA); 00088 if (envPath Let us now describe the methods at your disposal to do the job.

Up to and including version 8.125 the LHAupFortran class was used to construct a runtime interface to PYTHIA 6.4. LPRUP, XSECUP, XERRUP, XMAXUP). backspace(24) goto 200 endif if(block_name(1:8).eq.'sminputs')then read(buff,*) ivalue,value print *,'Reading parameter ',block_name(1:8), $ ivalue,value if(ivalue.eq.1) PARU(103)=1d0/value if(ivalue.eq.2) PARU(105)=value if(ivalue.eq.4) PMAS(23,1)=value if(ivalue.eq.6) PMAS(6,1)=value if(ivalue.eq.7) PMAS(15,1)=value endif 10 continue endif 200 continue 205 continue have a peek here For PYTHIA 8 to do this, a derived class already exists, LHAupFromPYTHIA8.

All I want to do is to replicate what Madgraph + pythia 6 can do but using pythia 8 instead, i.e., I'd like to generate a process and then use pythia closeLHEF(true) above. I am using Madgraph 5 (MG5_aMC_v2_2_2) and PYTHIA8, to read my LHE files but I get this error: PYTHIA Abort from Pythia::init: Les Houches initialization failed Pythia8 ERROR Unable to read

This is automatically done by the pythia.init call.

double LHAup::scale() double LHAup::alphaQED() double LHAup::alphaQCD() scale and couplings at that scale. that process is replaced by event. History Link existing bug Create bug report Link to a FAQ Create a new FAQ To post a message you must log in. INTEGER LNHIN,LNHOUT,MSCAL,IEVNT,ICKKW,ISCALE COMMON/UPPRIV/LNHIN,LNHOUT,MSCAL,IEVNT,ICKKW,ISCALE INTEGER I,J,IBEG INTEGER IPR,isup DOUBLE PRECISION SUPPCS LOGICAL SUPDONE(MAXPUP) DATA SUPDONE/MAXPUP*.false./ C...Lines to read in assumed never longer than 200 characters.

method addParticle( id, status, mother1, mother2, colourTag1, colourTag2, p_x, p_y, p_z, e, m, tau, spin) gives the properties of the next particle handed in (cf. Accepted events therefore have unit weight. Information is handed back by the following methods: method idBeamA(), eBeamA(), pdfGroupBeamA(), pdfSetBeamA() and similarly with A -> B, for the two beam particles. Check This Out The most common application is to read input from a Les Houches Event File (LHEF) [Alw06], but it is also possible to have a runtime interface to another program.

IF(STRING(IBEG:IBEG).EQ.' '.AND.IBEG.LT.MAXLEN-6) GOTO 110 IF(STRING(IBEG:IBEG+6).NE.''.AND. &STRING(IBEG:IBEG+6).NE.' block is stored under the key "base".