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For simplicity, Release 4.6 will be referenced in these documents, and, unless noted, all comments applicable to Release 4.6 will also apply to Releases 4.4 and 4.5. The command find works on SAM-FS/QFS file systems as it does on UFS file systems, but the command sfind also allows a user to search by SAM-specific attributes such as archive CODE EXAMPLE 1-7 illustrates this for a fabric attached library controller and drives. If devices do not respond, consult your Solaris documentation for information on configuring the devices for the Solaris OS. have a peek here

In conversation, Sun’s engineers and architects often refer to any archiving file system as “SAM-Q.” If you are talking to an administrator or reading an online commentary, you may have to Use touch(1) to create an empty /var/adm/sam-log file. Introduction to SAM and QFS URLS: (for any of Sun’s documentation, go to docs.sun.com and search for QFS) Mary Ann Lynch: SAM-FS and QFS web page – main web page sam-catserverd(1M) - Builds and maintains library catalog files for automated libraries.

A file system backed up with a backup solution has no awareness of the existence of the backup, so the backup may be removed to whatever storage is convenient, without the In the shared QFS file system, authentication must be handled by the metadata server. The /kernel/drv/samst.conf File The samst(7) driver for SCSI media changers and optical drives is used for direct attached SCSI or Fibre Channel tape libraries and for magneto-optical drives and libraries. Generated Sun, 08 Jan 2017 18:23:01 GMT by s_wx1077 (squid/3.5.23) ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL: Connection

Given this information, how would you configure automatic adapter failover for a QFS file system server? SAM-FS is not commonly configured. (I have seen it used when customers could not afford the QFS licenses, on workstations where it provides a rapid backup of files for users, or As part of this process, it starts a number of child daemons. If you have verified that the hardware has been installed and configured correctly and that no hardware faults are present, the next step in diagnosing an installation or configuration problem is

Older versions of SAM-FS require license keys, which were placed in the file /etc/opt/SUNWsamfs/LICENSE., for example, /etc/opt/SUNWsamfs/LICENSE.4.2. The functionality of samexplorer has been fully incorporated into the Sun Explorer Data Collector, release 4U0. If necessary, correct the file and rerun the sam-fsd(1M) command to ensure that the errors have been corrected. https://www.mail-archive.com/[email protected]/msg00479.html Directio does not occur until two nodes want to write a file at the same time.

In the directory containing the software package type: # pkgadd -d . What if I forget my password? There is no system-wide authentication. The lease is passed along with the metadata and allows the client to open a file in read, write or append mode, as appropriate, for a period of time granted by

  1. If you are configuring archiving, you must update the /kernel/drv/st.conf file with entries for SAM-FS SCSI tape drivers.
  2. Ensure that SAMreport is moved from /tmp before rebooting.
  3. Software Release 4.0 (2002) Release 4.1-4.5 (2003-2006) Release 4.6 (2007) Configures SUNWsamfsr SUNWsamfsu Sun StorEdge Utilization Suite Sun StorEdge SAM-FS Sun StorageTek SAM SAM-FS, SAM-QFS, QFS SUNWqfsr SUNWqfsu Sun StorEdge Performance
  4. CODE EXAMPLE 1-1 Verifying Sun StorEdge SAM-FS Daemons skeeball # ps -ef | grep sam-fsd | grep -v grep root 656 1 0 10:42:26 ? 0:00 /usr/lib/fs/samfs/sam-fsd skeeball # ptree 656
  5. The data will be sent to the source IP address of the original packet.
  6. In the Internet header of the packet is a source IP address and a destination IP address.  The source address will be the IP address of the adapter through which the

The downside to this approach is that it is difficult to safely transport hard disks to off site storage. http://www.geocities.ws/lynchmaryann/intro.htm Restoring a system image backup made ahead of time on a separate hard disk. On Solaris 10, SAM-FS/QFS can only be installed in the global zone, does not use the Solaris Management Facility (SMF) and works much the same as it does in Solaris 9. In the example, we open the file server1.20140127.SAMreport in the vi editor and search for the regular-expression pattern \/etc\/opt\/SUNWsamfs\/mcf.

What can be reported to FPDS-NG? navigate here Monitor file system operations. There is no difference in the configuration of archiving for any of the three configurations of the QFS file system, so in this paper all discussions apply equally to shared QFS Switch off the backup server or device.

QFS can be used alone as a high performance file system in a Storage Area Network (SAN) environment when no archiving is required. Troubleshooting and configuration issues can therefore be easily worked out using known networking protocols. It shows the first initialization of a 9840A tape drive. http://qaisoftware.com/failed-to/snmpd-failed-to-start.html Almost all the software in the Sun StorageTek QFS product is included in Sun StorageTek SAM, so only one of Sun StorageTek SAM and Sun StorageTek QFS can be installed on

Enact a scenario in which the system is down, and restore the system. SAM-FS and SAM-QFS file systems generally provide all the file security needed, and no backup solution is, or usually can be, used with these products. Only the metadata server has access to metadata devices.

As we will see, these online disks do not need to be extremely fast or large or reliable.

Removing a client requires that you unmount the file system on the server, which means you must first unmount all clients. If a disk is lost the metadata dump can be used to restore metadata, which is never archived. The lock prevents more than one user from performing a write or append operation on a file for an unspecified period, until the first user to open the file has finished Before embarking on an extensive troubleshooting exercise, ascertain the following: The system hardware is correctly set up and visible to the Sun StorEdge SAM-FS system.

A patient comes in for surgery and the patient's file is created by the physician. Archiver log file Configurable. In direct I/O data is transmitted a byte at a time. this contact form Your cache administrator is webmaster.

samset(1M) Sets parameters within the Sun StorEdge SAM-FS environment. Other Systems CFDA eSRS FFATA (FSRS) WDOL Browse all help >> Learning and Support I want to learn System for Award Management (SAM) Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) Electronic Subcontracting You can check that the expected daemons or processes are running by using the ps(1) and ptree(1) commands. If staging is allowed, the file stages.

For this reason, the metadata is controlled by a single server which locks files during client reads and writes. Restore an older version of a file. Update /kernel/drv/st.conf If your configuration is to include devices not supported by the Solaris OS, consult the following file for instructions on how to modify the st.conf file: /opt/SUNWsamfs/examples/st.conf_changes For example, Packets sent by clients will continue to flow to the server; the protocol stack will ensure that the packets are passed to the application.

It should be placed on an NFS mounted file system, preferably on an ACSLS server so that the catalog server does not become a single point of failure.  The mcf file If the system cannot be shut down, consult the /var/adm/messages file for the device check-in messages from the last reboot. System: SAM || Search String: TIN || Number of Results: 13 Was this answer helpful? Yes No Beginning of dialog, please dismiss dialog before continuing Provide Additional Information Your rating Add the new packages with the pkgadd command. 9.

Prior to installing the software, confirm that the latest Solaris OS patch cluster has been installed on the server. Wait until the maximum lease time is up. 3. Copy the content from the report, paste it into a text editor, and save it to the file and path indicated in the report. ET U.S.

Unless it has been configured to release automatically when archiving is complete, it will probably not be released. Enact a scenario in which last night's backup failed, and restore data using system and archiver logs. The sam-amld daemon is also started by sam-fsd, and it starts the daemons monitoring mass storage devices. Simply rearchiving a file will not cause it to stage if it has been configured to never stage; it will be rearchived directly from the original archive copy.

In the example, we have been maintaining copies of the SAM-QFS server's Solaris configuration files in the subdirectory sam_config on the independent file system zfs1.