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Titanium Application Executable Is Missing A Required Architecture


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Wonder if Xcode is the issue here... i build app with titanium, then i want to validate it in xcode in valid architectures in xcode i have armv6 amrv7 i386 ios deplyoment target is same 4.0 after validation Thanks a whole lot... Alloy has two primary components - a runtime JavaScript library which is actually executed on the device, and a set of build/compile commands which generate Titanium JavaScript code from declarative markup http://stackoverflow.com/questions/16785855/titanium-submitting-app-missing-a-required-architecture-iphone5-invalid-launch

Missing Required Architecture I386 In File (3 Slices)

What device are you using? All Rights Reserved. My Xcode is unfortunately busted, reinstalling now. Found a thread that suggested editing the build templates in the SDK (https://developer.appcelerator.com/question/128721/build-for-armv6-with-18-sdk-and-xcode-42) but they already support armv6 and armv7.

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  2. To install the Titanium CLI via npm (the "node package manager"), open a terminal and execute: sudo npm install -g titanium To install Alloy, use: sudo npm install -g alloy These
  3. I've tried this suggestion http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7053466/application-executable-is-missing-a-required-architecture-armv6 but the changes I make in the template build project file get overwritten when I perform a release build.
  4. anyone have any ideas how to have it build an app for both iphone and ipad?
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  6. Installation From NPM: npm install node-ios-device --save-optional Example var iosDevice = require('node-ios-device'); // get all connected iOS devices iosDevice.devices(function (err, devices) {    if (err) {        console.error('Error!', err);    } else {        console.log('Connected devices:');        console.log(devices);    }}); // continuously watch for devices to be connected or disconnected iosDevice    .trackDevices()    .on('device', function (devices) {        console.log('Connected devices:');        console.log(devices);    })    .on('error', function (err) {        console.error('Error!', err);    }); // install an iOS app iosDevice.installApp('', '/path/to/my.app', function (err) {    if (err) {        console.error('Error!', err);    } else {        console.log('Success!');    }}); // relay the syslog output to the console iosDevice    .log('')    .on('log', function (msg) {        console.log(msg);    })    .on('error', function (err) {        console.error('Error!', err);    }); // relay output from a TCP port created by an iOS app iosDevice    .log('', 1337)    .on('log', function (msg) {        console.log(msg);    })    .on('error', function (err) {        console.error('Error!', err);    }); API devices(callback) Retrieves an array of all connected iOS devices. {function} callback(err, devices) - A function to call with the connected devices
  7. Dave Townsend Posted November 6, 2012 @ 2:42 pm @John You need to install the the new 3.0.x SDK as well.
  8. Here's the full ref http://docs.appcelerator.com/titanium/3.0/#!/guide/Titanium_Command-Line_Interface_Reference John Pataki Posted November 6, 2012 @ 4:21 pm @Kevin, sorry - wrong folder name, I blame lack of caffeine this morning and that i was

where can be problem? The error states iPhone/iPod Touch: application executable is missing a required architecture. There are other issues now, but it's up to me to solve them. Error Failed To Parse App's Info Plist http://d.pr/i/QXg9 I've tried building from Xcode too, to see if it was giving me the same error; it did.

TSS provides a CSS-like mechanism for declaring object properties and styes, optionally customized for different platforms and screen sizes. you need to add other linker flags. Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub. but there's something broken with the Titanium CLI 3.0.13 (on OSX 10.7.5) that means build, create etc. Got a tip for us?

At least one of the following architecture(s) must be present: armv6 ~~~ 0 0 09/22/12--10:57: iOS 6 + Mobile SDK 2.1.3 RC: Missing required architecture armv6 Contact us about this article Failed To Parse App's Info Plist Titanium asked 3 years ago viewed 412 times active 3 years ago Linked 9 Non-PIE Binary - The executable 'project name' is not a Position Independent Executable. Rebuild the library for the simulator. In info.plist is this not available.

Appcelerator Add A Value For Product_bundle_identifier In The Build Settings Editor

Not the answer you're looking for? original site If you specify a port, then it will connect to that port and relay all messages. Missing Required Architecture I386 In File (3 Slices) Components can be created both in XML markup and programmatically, as we will see in this tutorial series. Product_bundle_identifier Appcelerator Thank you for a tip or a idea.

Let's take a look at some of the core architectural concepts for Alloy. weblink Exactly what I want before starting to port my app to Alloy. Anyone got any experience of this issue or can help ? ide referenced this issue Sep 29, 2015 Closed Compile error during initialized empty app with latest React Native (0.11.4) and iOS 9 #3121 weisjohn commented Sep 30, 2015 Dead code stripping Failed To Parse App's Info.plist Appcelerator

This project contains mobiledevice.h from https://bitbucket.org/tristero/mobiledeviceaccess and is available under public domain. (C) Copyright 2012-2016, Appcelerator Inc. A "component" in an Alloy application is a CommonJS module generated from the XML, styles, and JavaScript controller logic written by developers. But, how could I give up "dead strip" which is a crucial feature for an app? @bidatacoder your workaround seems not working :( stephenzhao commented Nov 13, 2015 checkout ur net-work, navigate here is there way how to add different ios sdk to titanium?

the reason was just stupid! Appcelerator Docs Starting with iOS 10, relaying the syslog is virtually useless. Alloy applications are designed around reusable components that form the building blocks of your application.

skeie commented Oct 4, 2015 +1 here, @javache's solution worked for me too.

Perhaps someone who has more knowledge in this area will pop in with a solution... thanks 0 0 10/07/13--06:50: app after update - the bundle does not support one or more of the devices supported by the previous app version. The controller will interact with the model to execute business logic, and update the view of the component as appropriate. Undefined Symbols For Architecture I386 Is there a way to do this automatically ?

For every case i add in tiapp.xml: ~~~ 4.3 ~~~ No way for a solution. We've also added the min iOS directive to tiapp.xml. Removing dead code reduces the size of your executable and can help reduce paging. his comment is here Also, please take notice of the privacy notice at the end of the file.

However, historically, Titanium has not been opinionated in how developers structure their JavaScript applications. You can get log output using the log command introduced in macOS Sierra, but it's not available for OS X El Capitan users. Thank you. 0 0 10/04/13--04:59: appcelerator cant update new version of app - missing armv6 Contact us about this article i have to update old app if i try to validate Reload to refresh your session.

This is not a dyadic cosine-product Detect MS Windows Personal taxes for Shopify / Paypal shop? The Alloy compiler must be installed first before an Alloy app can be created. Here is what Im using: 3.1.0 GA xcode 4.6 Firstly, this is what I got when uploading: 1. "iPhone/iPod Touch: application executable is missing a required architecture. I thought I had to use the Node.js module ‘titanium' for the task, while it really is the "executable" under …/Titanium/mobilesdk///titanium .

To publish a new release to NPM, run npm publish. When supporting iPhone, the executable must include support for the armv6 architecture, unless the UIRequireDeviceCapabilities include the 'armv7' capability" We have searched through the forums here and on Google and have Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up titanium submitting app - missing a required architecture,iphone5,Invalid Launch Image, non-pie binary up vote 0 down vote favorite I just cant get Products Appcelerator Platform Plans & Pricing Developers Developer Portal Help App U.

Alloy Project Tour Now that we understand some of the architectural concepts behind Alloy, let's dive into an actual Alloy project and explore what's going on. trackDevices() Continuously retrieves an array of all connected iOS devices. Alloy provides facilities for structuring your application code in this way as well. Load it with Xcode and build failed at AwesomeProjectTest target for iphone device with the errors: "_RCTSetLogFunction", referenced from: -[AwesomeProjectTests testRendersWelcomeScreen] in AwesomeProjectTests.o ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture arm64 clang:

kevincobain2000 commented Sep 25, 2015 +1 Dead Code Stripping BilalBudhani commented Sep 25, 2015 Dead Code Stripping trick worked for me as well. 👍 @tealtail seanmthompson commented Sep 25, 2015 Dead thanks — answered April 6th 2012 by sean oreilly permalink 0 Comments 0 Votes The ownership of individual contributions to this community generated content is retained by the authors of their You should make this module an optional dependency of your application and it will only be downloaded on OS X. Anonymous form close (x) Front Page Mac Blog iOS Blog Roundups AirPort Apple Car Apple Deals Apple Pay Apple Stores Apple TV Apple VR Project

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