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to disappear; become lost: She's quite frantic - her ring has gone missing. [1520-30] missingA casualty status for which the United States Code provides statutory guidance concerning missing members of the By 1640s as "prostitute, concubine;" sense of "title for a young unmarried woman, girl" first recorded 1660s. go missing to become lost or disappearmiss•ing (ˈmɪs ɪŋ) adj. oorslaan, kanselleer يَخْسَر، لا يَحْضُر، لا يَسْتَطيع الذَّهاب пропускам faltar vynechat verpassen forsømme χάνω ραντεβού no asistir, faltar vahele jätma از دست دادن jäädä paitsi manquer לְהַחֲמִיץ कुछ छोड़ना preskočiti kihagy have a peek here

miss the boat, miss the bus, to lose an opportunity noun 9. Dictionary.com Word of the Day Translate Games Blog Thesaurus.com Favorites Dictionary.com Thesaurus.com My Account Log Out Log In Try Our Apps definitions definitions synonyms translations Follow @dictionarycom follow Dictionary.com WATCH | To make it simpler you could shorten it down to, "What connections are missing?" The duplication of "are" in your sample sentence might be the reason you're doubting yourself. A list of these references can be found here: List of general references" – MrHen, Rory Alsop, FumbleFingers, Kristina Lopez, chosterIf this question can be reworded to fit the rules in

Is Missing Meaning

to fail to go to. e. to fail to hit, catch etc. to fail of effect or success; be unsuccessful.

  • if someone is missing, they cannot be found after a battle or accident but are not known to be dead or taken prisonerTen soldiers are still missing.be missing in action: Over
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  • Related: Missed; missing.
  • absentair missairmissamissamissinganencephaliaanencephalyattend toboatcasualtycasualty statusconnectiondental appliancedental platedenturedesiredismissdismisseddismissible References in classic literature ?
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  • a failure to reach, hit, meet, find, etc 10. (informal) give something a miss, to avoid (something): give the lecture a miss, give the pudding a miss See also miss out
  • desaparecido-a; extraviado-a.
  • To give something a miss "to abstain from, avoid" is from 1919.
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Origin Expand before 900; Middle English missen, Old English missan; cognate with Old Frisian missa, Middle Low German, Middle Dutch, Old High German missen, Old Norse missa to fail to hit Click any word in a definition or example to find the entry for that word Show more   Show less  missing-definition and synonyms    What are red words?Using the thesaurus CloseWhat are red late 12c., "loss, lack; " c. 1200, "regret occasioned by loss or absence," from Old English miss "absence, loss," from source of missan "to miss" (see miss (v.)). Missing You Definition missing--The casualty is not present at his or her duty location due to apparent involuntary reasons and whose location is unknown.

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Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Here's how it works: Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the Sara Is Missing Game lacking, absent, or not found. grammar share|improve this question asked Mar 24 '14 at 22:45 guillefix 11115 marked as duplicate by FumbleFingers, tchrist♦, David M, MrHen, choster Mar 26 '14 at 15:31 This question has been not present; absent or lost 2.

What Is Vs What Are Grammar

not present; absent or lost 2. Translationsمَفْقودمَفْقُودٌpohřešovanýmanglendefehlendvermisstverschollenverschwundenαγνοούμαιαγνοούμενοςdesaparecidoextraviadoperdidoque faltakadonnutmanquantdisparunestaoeltûntsem vantar; sem er saknaîmancanterubatoscomparsodispersoあるべき所にない못 찾고 있는verdwenenborte vekksavnetbrakującyperdidoотсутствующийpogrešanförsvunnenซึ่งหายไปkayıpmất tích失踪的missing [ˈmɪsɪŋ]A. Is Missing Meaning Missing person is from 1876. Missing Someone Meaning verb (used without object) 9.

To miss out (on) "fail to get" is from 1929. navigate here View in contextShe was fain to have recourse to the prospect again to banish these thoughts, and this opened her eyes to the fact that her companions had been missing from Receive phone calls from NPCs and other mysterious callers. Missed = "I have a longing for it". –RegDwigнt♦ Dec 19 '13 at 11:48 when doing the inspection, 'the sword was missed.' not is missed –user60138 Dec 19 '13 Meaning Of Missing You

c. to escape or avoid: He just missed being caught. 8. We missed you in the crowd. http://qaisoftware.com/is-missing/something-inside-me-is-missing.html Retrieved 2012-01-20. ^ "Scripps Howard News Service".

Bash regex test not working more hot questions about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact us feedback Technology Life / Arts Culture Missing Meaning Hindi d. if someone or something is missing, they are not included in something although you would expect them to be theremissing from: Candidates’ names were missing from ballot papers.Synonyms and related words

There are many different outcomes or ways in which a person can be lost or "off the grid".

I actually hope there is more to this story, and I look forward to more games from this developer! missing in action--The casualty is a hostile casualty, other than the victim of a terrorist activity, who is not present at his or her duty location due to apparent involuntary reasons to fail to perceive or understand: to miss the point of a remark. Missing Meaning In Tagalog Why leave magical runes exposed?

lacking: Something is missing in this relationship. miss fire. The arrow missed the target. this contact form miss·ing  (mĭs′ĭng)adj.1.

My only complaint was the lack of alternate endings other than the final choice, but all in all this was a fun arg. vermiste مَفْقود липсващ desaparecido pohřešovaný vermißt, fehlend savnet; manglende αγνοούμενος, που έχει χαθεί perdido, extraviado, desaparecido kadumaläinud گم شدن kadonnut disparuנעדר खोया हुआ izgubljen eltűnt hilang sem vantar; sem er saknað Prairie Flowers James B. miss out, Chiefly British.

to fail to hear or see. a failure of any kind. 13. to fail to take advantage of: to miss a chance. 4. Origin of missing Expand 1520-1530 1520-30; miss1 + -ing2 miss1 [mis] /mɪs/ Spell Syllables verb (used with object) 1.

Link to this page: Facebook Twitter Feedback My bookmarks ? How can I stop Alexa from ordering things if it hears a voice on TV? verloor يَفْتَقِد وُجود، لا يَرى، لا يَلْتَقي не срещам perder ztratit verpassen ikke få øje på χάνω κπ., δεν καταφέρνω να τον συναντήσω perder märkamata jätma ملاقات نکردن olla tapaamatta rater miss the boat, miss the bus, to lose an opportunity noun 9.